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Exploring Consciousness

What does it mean to be human?

Thought-provoking films, books and people, featuring humanity’s spiritual search,
from ancient wisdom traditions to the latest neuroscience research.

Founded in 1996, Exploring Consciousness has screened movies mostly at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town, but also countrywide in filmfests with Cinema Nouveau and other venues.

Themes are universal and include philosophy and spirituality, mysticism, health and healing, death and dying, psychology, relationships, ecology, ethical business, personal and global transformation. Material is sourced from all over the world, featuring leading spiritual teachers, scientists and physicists.

Exploring Consciousness also offers speakers who introduce films and thus anchor these universal challenges in books, videos, seminars and workshops.


Exploring Consciousness wishes to extend their deep gratitude to the support of:

Wine courtesy of Bevan Newton Johnson

VidiVox Film Club (Rodney and Ebeline Anderson)

Green Renaissance Films (Michael Raimondo)

Mission Joy - Two Old Friends Limited Viewing

1) Watch the film for free by typing in your email address HERE until June 9th.

2) Share with everyone you know!  We’ve all been hurting.

But YOU can provide a bright spot.

The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu’s mission was to share this film and these messages with as many people as possible. They wanted us all to know how to be happy.

Big thanks to Kevin Love, Forest Whitaker, Rosario Dawson, Sir Richard Branson, Gloria Estefan, and others who shared the film widely.

Let’s join them, and reach those who could use some hope right now. (And a good laugh.)

Peggy Callahan, Mission: JOY Co-Director and Producer, and Impact Director

Jolene Smith, Mission: JOY Impact Producer

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